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Step into a world of limitless possibilities as we bring your dream characters to life! From fierce warriors to adorable creatures and everything in between. With a sprinkle of magic and a dash of creativity, we'll craft characters that will leap off the screen and into your heart.

So, let's embark on this fantastical journey together and create characters that will leave a lasting impression in your virtual universe! 🌌🌟

Metahumans [Real to 3D]

These Characters where build with Metahuman Creator,
refined in Blender and finalized trough "Mesh to Metahuman"
if then textured in Quixel Mixer and rendered in Unreal Engine.
They have the same properties as their real-life doubles.


These Characters where build in Blender,
textured in Quixel Mixer and rendered in Unreal Engine.
They have

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Questions & Answers
Why are characters important in every industry?
Characters are essential in various industries, conveying messages, emotions, and brand recognition, engaging audiences in memorable ways. They promote products, convey ideas, and entertain.
Why should I buy the "Character Creation" package from your company?
Our 'Character Creation' package is the ideal solution for those seeking top-notch, tailor-made characters across various industries such as film, video games, and advertising. We excel at crafting photorealistic Metahumans, meticulously designed using your reference photos. They come fully equipped with custom armor, clothing, textures, and more.We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, understanding the challenges of obtaining unique characters at an affordable price. Our packages ensure that your characters meet your precise requirements and truly shine in any application.
What makes your "Character Creation" package different from other character design services?
Our 'Character Creation' package stands out due to its exceptional customization and precision. We collaborate closely with clients to craft characters that match their vision. With years of experience, we're well-prepared to tackle VFX challenges and provide valuable support, offering structurally sound, visually striking characters.
Who can benefit from the "Character Creation" package?
Our 'Character Creation' package suits all in need of custom characters for various industries. From brand mascots for small businesses to photorealistic characters for major studios, we deliver high-quality, visually striking characters for success.

This service provides clients with unique, high-quality characters for use in a variety of applications, including film, video games, and advertising.
With our product "Character Creation" you can purchase any of these options and more, after we have discussed your project in more detail:

  • Photoreal custom Metahumans (created using reference photos and can feature custom armor and clothing)
  • Custom armor/clothing for your characters
  • complete character bundle
  • Materials/Textures tailored to your characters face/armour/clothing/weapons
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